How Often Do You Need Chimney Sweeping Service in Kinzer, PA?

Ask chimney cleaning pros

Your fireplace creates a cozy, comfortable atmosphere inside your home. But without proper maintenance, that picturesque hearth could become a serious safety hazard. Avoid smoke buildup, chimney fires and high carbon dioxide levels with help from a chimney sweeping service in Kinzers, PA.

J & E Builders will help keep your home safe by cleaning your chimney on a yearly basis. Even if you don't light fires in your fireplace, you should still schedule chimney sweeping service every other year.

Ask about these common chimney repair services

Because your chimney is continuously exposed to the elements, it's bound to require occasional repairs. Our chimney repair services include...

  • Brick repointing: Shore up old bricks by fixing crumbling mortar.
  • Chimney capping: Discourage nesting animals by installing a cap.
  • Flashing reinstallation: Stop leaks by repairing damaged flashing.

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