Reinforce Your Roof With a New Layer of Shingles

Uncover the benefits of reroofing in Kinzers, PA

Help your roof stand up to the elements better by scheduling reroofing service in the Kinzers, PA area. J & E Builders specializes in adding new layers of weatherproofing and shingles to fortify your existing roof.

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5 alternatives to a full roof replacement

J & E Builders offers roof replacement alternatives in Kinzers, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Our roof upgrading and maintenance work includes…

    1. Shingle replacements: Missing or cracked shingles are where most roof leaks start.
    2. Chimney caulking: If your chimney’s flashing is starting to break down, contact a roofer ASAP.
    3. Gutter replacement: Damaged gutters are a homeowner’s nightmare as they lead to mildew and dry rot.
    4. Skylight replacement: Fix foggy windows and leaking panes by replacing your worn-out skylight.
    5. Roof washing: If mildew or moss buildup is making your roof look gross, a good pressure washing can clean it up in no time.

Any of these services will help you maintain your roof while saving money on a complete roof replacement. The best part is that 1-4 are included in our reroofing service. Make an appointment with us today.